Calvin is a highly regarded collaborator, mentor, speaker and entrepreneur. A human being first, with respect and humility and a drive for excellence. His breadth of experience and passion for personal growth drives him to constantly challenge himself and others to realise their best self.  Never content with mediocre, Calvin always seeks his own path. It is within Calvin’s own adversities that he found his mission; to guide and inspire others along the their own path. He is routinely praised for his authentic dynamism and integrity and is recognised by his clients and peers for his vision and excellence in the service of others.





Everyone has a story to tell, something to share. Calvin vividly recounts his various experiences from wide ranging pursuits, sharing his lessons and observations with others to provoke thought and learning in an entertaining and engaging way. When not giving talks at his public speaking club, Calvin presents innovative ideas in the corporate space and has spoken at weddings, book launches, events, story telling venues and more over the past few years. Calvin can also be hired to deliver his unique and interactive Speak with Impact workshops for corporate clients.





Calvin helps Innovators, business leaders and speakers Speak With Impact. He helps them to inspire their audiences to take action; make a purchase or adopt a cause. Through his mentoring he has shown speakers how to unlock and exploit the power of their own story. From these successes Calvin has increased his clients’ speaking confidence and presentational impact.  By combining conventional tools and techniques with his unique approach and ability to help others unearth their true selves, Calvin’s clients have gone on to inspire their staff, their clients and people beyond the boundary of their professional space.



Calvin is the co-founder of Medietas Ltd, a commercial venture that designs and sells products which reflect his core values and that contribute positively to society. With his two business partners Ed and George, Calvin believes in the continuous improvement of self and while he has big vision,  he understands the value of the journey both in his personal life and in his business life. A combination of innovative flair, commercial acumen, faith and determination drives all of Calvin’s business activities. When not creating unique events, such as his up-coming “Make it Meaningful” experience, he collaborates with other entrepreneurs in writing and property.


A message from Calvin

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my site. I am glad you took the time to drop by to learn more about me and what I do. I think the above summarises it quite neatly, but I’m not always working!  I spend the remainder of my time learning new things from my children, who never cease to amaze me. I relish action-packed holidays in the city and calm sunshine holidays when I’m reflecting. Intersperse that all with some exploration and I’m very happy. I also thoroughly enjoy writing my blog.  Relaxing with close friends and family is a must and I’m partial to nice bottle of Scotland’s finest; Auchentoshan – Three Wood.

I like meeting new positive and ambitious people like you, finding new ways to add value to your journey. So, please don’t hesitate. Contact me below to find out how we can work together.

Look forward to working with you soon.


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